Types Of Hot Water System in Perth- Gas, Electric And Solar

Types Of Hot Water System in Perth- Gas, Electric And Solar

Purchasing the right hot water system for your home or building can be difficult if you are not aware of which is the best hot water system in Australia. Whether you want to replace your existing hot water system or require a new one for your home, it is essential to be aware of the different types of hot water systems before deciding on which one to purchase.

In this post, our team at The Drain Surgeon Plumbing & Gas will help you understand different types of hot water and make informed choices for when you need to install a hot water system according to your needs.

Gas Hot Water System Perth

Perth Gas hot water systems are less expensive than electrical water systems and have energy-efficient star ratings, making them a smart option if you care about the environment. They can heat water as needed using a gas burner.

You can choose to install an instant Perth gas hot water system for your home, in which the gas burner only warms the water when necessary.

Electric Hot Water System Perth

Typically, the least expensive systems to install are electric ones. These heat and maintain the temperature of the water using a heating element within a tank.

Naturally, there is also an immediate system available for your needs, such as a gas system. However, it’s a good idea to consider your electricity expenses, particularly in light of your water usage.

Solar Hot Water System Perth

The most expensive and time-consuming systems to install are solar-based systems. These require installing a storage tank and solar panels on your roof to receive the most sunlight possible.

Despite the hefty upfront costs, it’s important to remember that there are government rebates and incentives for installing solar-powered systems that can lower your costs. This is because it is an environmentally friendly choice.

Now that we have covered the types of best hot water systems gas, electricity, and solar, let’s explore how to select the right hot water system.

How To Choose The Best Hot Water System?

  • Choose from the Available Fuel Types

The heating approach, or more specifically the energy source you want to use for your new hot water system, is the first choice you will need to make when choosing a new hot water system. Gas, Electric, and solar are the primary choices for hot water systems in Perth.

  • Identify the Needs for Household Water

The size of your household should be considered when determining your needs for hot water before selecting the best hot water system for your home.

You can narrow your search for suitable hot water systems by taking into consideration how many people live in your home and how much hot water is consumed daily.

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  • Choose between a continuous flow or a storage tank.

Storage tank: Storage hot water systems are frequently used with gas, electric, and solar systems. Checking for corrosion is important if you have a hot water system that uses an old tank. Poor-quality steel tanks are known to develop major corrosion problems over time. To prevent unneeded contamination, it is a good idea to choose a licensed plumber to examine your tank.

Continuous flow: An instantaneous hot water system, also referred to as continuous flow, heats the precise amount of water that is required at any given time.  Both gas and electric types of continuous-flow water heaters are available, but gas models are more popular.

We at The Drain Surgeon can help you with a quick fix and maintenance of the hot water system. Our skilled technicians can help you choose, replace, and install a new hot water system with ease and efficiency. You can trust us for all your plumbing needs. Call us today at 0437 000 257.

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