We carry out repairs and replacement of most hot water unit brands.
There are many reasons why you may lose you hot water supply. It may be as simple as a pilot light which has gone out to a burst hot water pipe, a valve or unfortunately you may need a complete new hot water unit.

Tempering valves

A very common problem with hot water issues is a faulty tempering valve. A tempering valve is installed with most hot water units. The valve mixes the hot water with cold water to reduce the temperature at your taps to 50 degrees to prevent scalding. When the valve is not working correctly you may only have lukewarm water or poor hot water pressure.

Gas problems

Another cause of problems with your hot water may be that your pilot light has gone out. This often happens in winter with storms and strong winds. Your gas valve or thermocouple may also be faulty if you are unable to re light the pilot. Sometimes it may be a simple clean to get it working again. Insufficient gas pressure can also cause problems with your hot water supply.

Burst pipes

A burst hot water pipe will result in poor hot water pressure and temperature. The hot water will be escaping into the ground where the pipe has burst. Pipes usually burst due to corrosion.

Aging hot water tanks begin to leak with corrosion on the inside of the tank. Most of the time the hot water units have not been correctly maintained over their life span for example changing over of the sacrificial anode which is located in the tank. Manufacturers recommend changing the anode to combat corrosion and extend the life of your storage hot water unit.

We can advise you on how to correctly maintain your unit and which unit would be your most cost-effective option to install and run.

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We were very impressed with Mark, we appointed him as overall coordinator for the entire project, which compromised the gutting of our two bedroom flat, and the total rebuild of the unit with a new bathroom. It was a major job, but Mark handled everything to our entire satisfaction. Not only did Mark do all the plumbing, but he made sure that everyone else involved from kitchen installers, tilers, builders, painters and electricians were there on time and the work was of the highest order. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Mark Ryan.

Gordan & Susan Dyne

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