How To Fix A Leaking Hot Water System

How To Fix A Leaking Hot Water System

A leaking hot water system may seem a small issue at first and might not make you seek help right away, but if not fixed soon, things could go out of hand. Its not that your house will be filled with water if the leak is consistent, but a lot of things could go haywire. In addition, there could be some serious damage incurred, and it is not a good spot to be in. 

Exposure to water can cause the walls to grow mould, fungus, etc. It can also attract bathroom insects that are terribly difficult to get rid of. Your water heater wire could be exposed to the leakage and God forbid there’s a short circuit or a blast. Its better to steer clear of these situations and put an end to these possibilities. After all, prevention is better than cure. Apart from the assets getting destroyed, someone from your family could end up getting injured as well.

If this leak has taken place in your office or at a workplace, it’s better to look for help right away instead of having to go through a business loss or a huge expense. Moreover, office bathrooms are constantly used by people and someone getting injured is the last thing you want to deal with. So, your best bet is to call us at The Drain Surgeon for all your plumbing needs!

The Drain Surgeon is your no-nonsense local plumbing service provider at your disposal. The owner and founder of The Drain Surgeon, Mark Ryan, started this business to provide plumbing and gas solutions to both residential and commercial spaces. He himself is a qualified plumber and gas fitter with over 20 years of industry experience. Our team at The Drain Surgeon believes in providing value for money services and efficient results. Here’s what you can do if you find a hot water system leaking water:

How To Fix A Hot Water System

  • Locate The Leak: 

Usually, the leak is very visible and obvious to the eye. If you cannot locate the leak, it’s time to start looking for it before it’s too late. Always make sure you check all the angles of the system to find a leak. If there are areas that fall in corners, use your phone’s flashlight to easily check them thoroughly. Sometimes you can trace the leak from the print of its stream on the wall. In addition, make sure to check the temperature and pressure valves if the tank is very old. If so, there is a high possibility of the tank itself leaking. If you have still not found the leak, check the pipes supplying water. 

  • Stop The Flow: 

Once you have located the flow, the next step is to cut off the water supply. As we discussed earlier, a water leak can cause damage to your house’ furnishings and raise your expenses. To cut off the supply of water, you first need to find the main tap of your house that supplies water to every outlet. These taps are usually found inside the cupboard. Gently turn the tap clockwise and if it doesn’t seem to move because it is an outlet that nobody uses, try using a little oil and take it from there. 

  • Contact Us!

It is not safe for anyone who has not had professional training to fix drains and leaks because it could all go south so very quickly. Especially when it is a hot water leak, there is a chance of pipes or geysers bursting which is very dangerous. Call The Drain Surgeon to have the best experts on the scene. The biggest plus point of Drain Surgeons is that, they clean up once they’re done, saving you a lot of trouble!

You can either choose to fix your water heater or opt for a new one if the current heater is too old. Old heaters will easily start malfunctioning which will just add on to your expenses. If you wish to choose to replace your water heater, our experienced staff will help you choose the right option according to your budget and safely install it for you! Call us today to book an appointment. 

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