If you’re looking for a plumber in Canning Vale who is affordable and knows the ins and outs of the job, then you’re in the right place! At The Drain Surgeon, we provide plumbing services with no call out fee but diagnosed fees may apply and guarantee trusted plumbers.

Our Drain Surgeons are not only highly-skilled, well equipped, and experienced, but also have a police clearance and can help you out with any drainage related issues. You can count on them when it comes to reaching on time and getting the job done efficiently without wasting your time and money.

Apart from being your plumber and taking care of general maintenance, our affordable plumbers are also trained to clear blocked drains, install and repair hot water systems, and take care of any installation and repairs that might be required in your bathroom at Canning Vale. Resolving issues related to gas fittings and detecting and repairing leaks is no biggie for them. They might point out early signs of a budding issue that you can take care of before it actually becomes a problem.

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom and need someone for installation and repairs, you can count on us. Our team of plumbers will make sure that all your needs are met and your new bathroom is sparkling clean. We all know a spick and span bathroom is what most of us live for and that’s why we’re in this business.

Whether it’s a plumbing job for an entire building unit or just one house, no job is too big or too small for us. We are known to deliver. We’re the best service for plumbing Canning Vale can provide. We’ve got the skills, the equipment, and the efficiency. Call us on 0437 000 257 to hire one of our plumbers in Canning Vale!

Why Choose The Drain Surgeon?

The owner of The Drain Surgeon, Mark Ryan, has been in the business for over 20 years. He has 20 years’ worth of experience and knowledge of all things new in the plumbing industry. We think you can guess that this is not just a job for him, but it is his passion. He started this business to provide customers with efficient and no-bullshit service!

Mark built this business from the ground up with his core values:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Honesty
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Value For Money

The Drain Surgeon is perfect for any plumbing and gas job because:

  • We are insured, qualified, and licensed. 
  • We have 20 years of experience. 
  • We leave the place as good as we found it, if not better. 
  • We don’t upsell. We don’t want to make our customers believe that something needs fixing if it doesn’t. 
  • We serve our customers with integrity.

People are often annoyed with plumbers and plumbing jobs because they know that their work around the house is going to be so much more since it’s plumbing day and they might have repairs and installation work. If you think we’re one of those ‘professionals’ who will leave the mess to you after our job is done, that’s false. Our job also includes tidying up the place! 

How Can We Be Of Your Service?

Here are services that you can avail from The Drain Surgeon:

  • Hot Water Systems

Not feeling energised enough to start the day? Or do you want to unwind after a long day and relax? Whether it’s to relax or rejuvenate, our plumbers are at your service to install or repair gas hot water systems.  We’ve got you covered with various hot water systems.

  • Blocked Drains: 

If you’re smelling something off-putting, or have your drains making weird noises, get in touch with us today for a quick fix! When you flush your pot and notice bad water pressure, high or low, we’ll fix it! If your drains are working too slow or overflowing with sewage, we’ll take care of it!

  • Gas Fittings: 

If you wish to change your gas service, want to service your industry heater, or have a new cooktop that needs to be installed, you can call us for all of it! If you suspect gas leaks and need immediate assistance, we are at your service! 

  • Leak Detection: 

If you notice water leaks, contaminated water, a running water sound, damp walls, or anything of this sort, get in touch with us to put an end to this misery.

  • Different Types Of Plumbing Services: 

Emergency plumbing services, commercial projects, yearly packages, home projects, we do it all!

Henceforth your plumbing needs will be met in the most convenient way ever. Quick service, professionalism, affordable rates, and the best results, all’s on the table! Email us at thedrainsurgeonperth@gmail.com or give us a call on 0437 000 257.

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Common FAQ

It depends on the work you need done. Mark should be able to at least give you a fairly accurate estimate prior to commencement.When it comes to  installation and repair, the average cost is about $120 to $230.

For maintenance jobs, the average cost is from $130 to $250.

For more inquiry Call us 0437 000 257

Call Mark on 0437000257, send an email enquiry via the website or send an SMS with all you details and Mark can call you to arrange a booking/quote.

Over 25 years of experience in plumbing. For plumbing realted services call us 0437 000 257

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