The Drain Surgeon is a group of highly qualified and skilled plumbers in Attadale. We know in and out of the job and can get your problem fixed up in a jiffy. It can get frustrating when your house starts exhibiting plumbing issues and the nightmare begins. It is better to not neglect even the smallest of issues and reach out to us for adequate care. We don’t just have the best staff, equipment, and the best-skilled plumbers, but we also have a police clearance to help us help you whenever needed! 

Our plumbers are skilled in any and all plumbing issues like gas hot water systems, blocked drains, plumbing installations, hot water system installations, gas fittings, leak detections, and much more. Resolving your issues is our top priority and we guarantee results. Our team will not only tend to and repair your issues, but they will also point out any early signs of damage in any of your plumbing systems for better function. It is better to fix small hiccups instead of addressing a huge disaster. 

If you’ve decided to renovate your bathroom or completely change your systems, our team will be highly obliged to help you design the bathroom in Attadale of your dreams by providing installation services for all your devices. Whether it’s a hot water system, clearing a new drain system, gas plumbing, etc. 

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and aim for methods that make sure that your problems do not keep coming back. This is one of the most common issues when it comes to plumbing: having to look for a plumber in Attadale just a few days after your initial fixes. If this is what’s happening with you, then your system either has a major issue or your professional help is not good enough. We don’t upsell, you will be charged for what treatment your system requires, installation or repairs. 

Plumbing In Attadale For Any Installations And Repairs:

Need competent installations without the risk of harming your new systems? The Drain Surgeon quite literally operate like surgeons on your system to make sure nothing is affected in the process before giving you the green signal to begin enjoying the services of the said systems. 

Finding good service for plumbing in Attadale can be taxing and you may not know what’s the right choice. Our previous projects have tended to go smoothly with happy clients that now know that, they can fall back on us for any hurdles. You can browse our ‘Testimonials’ page to know more about the best plumbers in Perth

Services We Offer

Hot Water Systems:

Hot water systems are really important in a household. For baths that can bring you back to life or put you to sleep after a long tiring day. We can either install a brand new hot water system in your bathroom or help you by servicing your old system only if it is promising enough to go on!

Blocked Drains:

Blocked drains are the most disgusting things ever. Lucky for you, our plumber do not have a weak gut and is well prepared to fix your blocked drains and help your life get back on the same flow as before.

Gas Fittings:

Need your new industry heater to be fixed or installed, have an entirely new system installed for your new house or new office, we can help you set it up accurately so that you can use this system safely. Anything related to gas is a health hazard and we will make sure everything is up to the mark,

Leak Detection:

Our leak detection services are a game-changer for anyone who thinks their house has a potential leak but can’t seem to point it out. Maybe it is just a hunch or there is an actual leak, either way, we’ll get that fixed right up for you!

Other Services:

Toilet drains, maintenance packages, yearly packages, timely check ups, and emergency plumbing in Attadale, we do it all.


Why Choose The Drain Surgeon Plumbing Attadale?

The Drain Surgeon is insured, licensed, and qualified to tend to your plumbing issues. We don’t upsell and charge any hidden extra fees that can burn a hole in your pocket. We do not leave a mess after the work is done, we are known for cleaning up after the work, With over 20 years of experience, we are trained to fix any issues that come up and can carry out installations smoothly.

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Why choose The Drain Surgeon Plumbing and Gas?

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