A Step-To-Step Guide On How To Replace A Toilet Cistern

A Step-To-Step Guide On How To Replace A Toilet Cistern

The toilet cistern is an essential part of any toilet. Every time you flush, it sends water from the tank into the toilet bowl. If your cistern stops operating, it might be cracked or broken and will need to be removed and replaced in order for your toilet to function correctly again.

Before replacing your cistern, you should first analyse the problem, as fixes are sometimes feasible or there is another plumbing issue entirely. Consider checking these questions:

  • Is there a leak in the toilet cistern?
  • Why isn’t the toilet flushing?
  • Is the toilet still running?
  • Is the toilet clogged?

Though you may want to take the big step and DIY toilet cistern replacement, keep in mind that one wrong step can result in a big disaster, which will cost you more money to pay a plumber in Armadale than you should’ve paid initially.

However, if you are assured and confident, and understand the difference between sticky tape and plumber tape, then go with this guide, which will explain to you step-by-step how to replace a toilet cistern yourself.

How To Replace a Toilet Cristen?

A Word Of Caution– Are you only now discovering the distinction between your toilet bowl and the section of the throne on which you rest your back (the cistern)? Remember, it’s a pretty straightforward and affordable procedure for a professional plumber like us to change the toilet cistern and complete it in a flash, so if you’re unsure, don’t take up the mess.

Examine Your Replacement Cistern

Keep in mind that not all cisterns are made equal. Before learning how to replace cistern systems, make sure you’re replacing them with a kind and size-compatible unit. When you’re certain, thoroughly read any instructions that come with your new cistern.


Before you do anything, turn off the mains and close the stop tap – and then pull that chain or push that flush button. Before removing the old one and installing a replacement toilet cistern, it must be empty – otherwise, things may become a little messy.

Remove The Previous One

Look at the bottom of the device to find the intake pipe. Undo and then remove it with a wrench, and then locate the few screws and bolts that are keeping the cistern in place.

Change The Toilet Cistern

If you were able to remove the old cistern, you already have a good understanding of how to replace toilet cistern components and reverse the process! If you got the correct replacement unit, everything should fit flawlessly, especially the cone gasket and connection hole.

Get Your Plumber’s Tape

Remember that plumber’s tape we talked about earlier? Use that tape like a boss before reattaching the hose to the new unit! It will assist to seal the thread and lubricate the connection – and if you need to replace the toilet cistern again in the future, disassembling will be easier.

Tighten Everything Up

Grab the wrench again and double-check that everything is flush and snug.

Put Your Replacement Toilet Cistern to the Test

Turn on the mains, reopen the stop tap, and enjoy the joyful sound of your new toilet cistern filling up in preparation for its first flush. Nothing will leak with a little luck and ability, and you’ll soon be ready for a test drive.

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