Why Do The Taps Make Hissing Sounds?

Why Do The Taps Make Hissing Sounds?

Why do taps make hissing sounds? Notice if you hear a strange hissing noise coming from your kitchen faucet. One of several faucet issues may be to blame. Pay careful attention to the hissing sound to determine the most likely cause of your damaged tap.

The fixture’s water flow should not be erratic or changing as you listen for any other oddities that may accompany the strange sound. Take into account the following while troubleshooting your kitchen faucet. A hissing sound coming from kitchen taps is caused by following reasons.

  1. The Hissing of a Worn Washer!
  2. Incorrect Water Pressure is being applied to the System!
  3. Attachments and Water Filtration!
  4. Other Faucet Noises

Let’s see each reason of taps making hissing sound in detail.

4 Reasons Why Taps Make Hissing Sound When Turned On

1. The Hissing of a Worn Washer!

The issue with your faucet may have nothing to do with your plumbing system. Some kitchen faucet issues are caused by a washer put on too tightly or inadequately installed.

When troubleshooting a kitchen faucet, could you pay attention to its sound? Because of the hissing noise, you may have an old washer that has to be replaced. When replacing a washing machine, first shut off the water supply. After that, remove the faucet’s stem by removing the locking nut and the washer under it. Then, before turning on the water again, reinstall the washer and double-check that everything is securely fastened.

2. Incorrect Water Pressure is being applied to the System!

If replacing the washer on your faucet doesn’t alleviate the hissing, it might indicate excessive or inadequate water pressure. If that’s the issue, you’ll notice how the water comes out of the faucet.

Compare the present pressure of your kitchen faucet with the previous pressure for the most efficient troubleshooting of your kitchen faucet. Contact a complete plumber if you feel that the water flowing from the supply route has to be readjusted.

3. Attachments and Water Filtration!

The problem with a kitchen faucet is as simple as a bad connection in the construction. Adding a spray attachment or mounting a water filter to the faucet may cause a bad relationship to make hissing drains while the water is running.

Pass your fingers around the filtration system or spray the head in a circular motion while the water is running. There is a good chance that the hissing sounds you hear are caused by water or air leaking through a fracture in the housing. Find the best plumbing services in Perth.

4. Other Faucet Noises to Pay Attention!

“Water hammer” is another noise issue that may impact kitchen faucets. As per research, a water hammer is characterized by a slamming or pounding sound in the water pipes. The faucet’s loud, percussive sound gave rise to the moniker. If you notice this noise even after the tap is turned off, it’s most likely a sign of a pressure issue inside your plumbing tubes. In most cases, this results from an abrupt interruption to the water supply.

You may put a hydraulic pressure arrestor or an air chamber in your plumbing to prevent water hammers. The knocking sound is muffled as a result of the pressure being released.

How to Fix A Noisy Tap

The best way to fix a noisy tap is to call an experienced plumber like The Drain Surgeon Perth. We have managed to fix many plumbing issues like noisy taps in Australia.


Why do taps make hissing sounds? When you have a loud tap, it may become tiresome to hear screaming, whining, or squealing every time you fill the sink to clean dishes and wash your clothes, which can rapidly become annoying. Although some plumbing tasks have been best left to the experts, repairing a noisy tap usually seems to be something anyone with basic home repair understanding can do.

If you’d like to try your hand at fixing it yourself, we’ve put together some tips and suggestions for things you could indeed try to silence a specific noisy tap to get it to stop making noise.

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