Reasons Why Your Tap Is Leaking

Reasons Why Your Tap Is Leaking

Did you know that frequent tap leaks can cause severe damage to your plumbing systems and even result in high water bills? While DIY methods seem like the best option, they can cost you a fortune if you are unaware of the underlying issue causing the tap water leak. From high water pressure to worn-out washers, there can be various reasons behind water leaks from the tap. A professional and experienced plumbing company, like The Drain Surgeon, can help you determine the exact cause of tap leaks. Nonetheless, identifying the root cause and taking necessary measures becomes important to prevent potential water and plumbing system damage.

In this blog post, we have highlighted some common reasons behind tap water leaking and mentioned actionable tips to fix the water leak from the tap. 

1. Worn-out washers:

A tap consists of a washer that acts as a seal that prevents the water from overflowing. Over time, the washer can get worn out or corroded due to the frequent use of the tap. This then results in a water leak from the tap. On the other hand, sometimes the washer needs to be installed properly in the first place. Worn-out washers are a common cause of water tap leaking. To fix the problem, you must replace the old washer with a new one. 

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2. Worn-out O-ring:

The O-ring, a small ring located inside the tap, acts as a great seal between the spout and the tap body. Over time the O-ring can become loose or worn out. This may result in the tap water leaking through the base of the spout or the handle. One of the main reasons behind the O-ring damage is its exposure to chemicals in cleaning products. Also, if you have turned the tap handle too tightly, it may misalign the O-ring. Similar to worn-out washers, you must replace the O-ring to fix the tap water leaking problem.

3. Faulty cartridges:

Faulty cartridges are one of the most common water tap leaking reasons, commonly seen in modern taps installed. The cartridge is responsible for handling the flow of water in the taps. When the tap is turned on, the cartridges let the water out of the tap. However, over time with frequent use of the tap, the cartridge may get damaged, resulting in the water tap leaking. The damaged cartridge cannot provide perfect sealing, which makes the water overflow. Knowing the placement of the cartridge is very important to replace it with a new one.

Thus, call us today if you are facing a problem with the cartridge.

4. High-water pressure:

The internal components of the tap are essential for the tap to function properly. However, the high pressure of the water can damage these internal components quickly. The water pressure can crack and deform the washers, O-rings, cartridges, etc., leading to water dripping from the tap. Also, the high pressure can make the water flow faster through the taps, leading to a hammering sound called a water hammer. You can also install a pressure regulator to manage the flow of the water.

If you think that the pressure of the water is responsible for the water leak from the tap, contact us today to check the pressure of the water.

5. Faulty pipes:

Sometimes problems in the pipes too can give rise to water dripping from the tap. This is common in older homes or homes with outdated plumbing services. The pipes can get damaged due to the accumulation of debris which increases the water pressure, thus leading to water tap leaking. Sometimes, the faulty installation also leads to faults in the pipes and tap dripping water.

Contact us today to inspect your pipes to prevent any further tap-dripping water and water damage.

Dripping tap water can occur due to various reasons, and identifying them is the first step towards fixing the problem. However, you should always exercise caution when attempting DIY repairs as it can potentially damage the pipes and plumbing system. That’s why it’s always best to seek assistance from professionals. If you need help with dripping tap water, contact us at 043700025 for the right guidance and support.

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